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Honey is Sweet

Days to go - 2010-10-06

I'm grateful for: a new commitment, maybe two, which will keep me plenty busy for the next year or so; RS is okay in the U.S.; successfully teaching long division to S3.

I've got just a couple of days left on my gold membership, and I'm still not sure what I will do. One thing I'd better do is back up this diary onto my computer, while I still can.

I've been at diaryland for at least eight years (I can't remember exactly). I've written literally thousands of entries. I'm not quite ready for the end of that era.

I just don't know.

I probably had lots more interesting things to write here, but my mind has gone blank. I'm not going to sit here for another ten minutes while nothing happens, I'm going to sleep.

I'm listening to my fan - bliss! it's cooled off enough to turn the air conditioner off, at least at night.

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