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Honey is Sweet

Gold membership and stuff - 2010-10-10

I'm grateful for: liking where I live; exciting times; so many books to read, and being read.

Fundamentally the gold membership comes down to two things. The comments, and being able to back the diary up. Without being able to back it up, I'll have to copy every single entry manually. Not up for that, I write too much. And I know there are other ways to set up comments, but if I had the time to be working that out, then I wouldn't be in the situation that I am in, anyway.

It is not the money, I have the money. I might even be able to pay it, although I have had problems with that in the past. But... I am not happy with this diary. I was going to give myself until I got to a thousand entries, but the gold membership ending is a cut-off. I am not going to pay for another year of a diary I don't want anyway.

So ... at the moment I'm thinking I'll just start another d'land diary. I won't like any of the d'land templates either, but it would be a change.

Right now, a change would be good.

So, lessee - tomorrow I have a dentist appointment. An actual appointment with an actual dentist. I am not absolutely frozen in terror mostly because I'm also busy freaking out about TH going to Japan, about getting out to Beit Shemesh tomorrow *after* the dentist appointment, and about life, the universe and everything. I have plenty of things to worry about.

Praying hasn't been my first or my second coping method. I really should give it a try. Somehow it seems harder than all of the unhealthy things that I am doing to get through the day. I haven't brushed my teeth - you'd think if I'm fretting about going to the dentist, that might be something I would want to do. *sigh* I am such a mess.

It's a good mess. I'm struggling with the problems of a life that is quite full of everything good. That certainly doesn't make them not real problems, but I can retain a measure of gratitude that we have enough to eat, clothes, a car with the gas paid for, none of us is seriously ill, we have relatively wide-open spaces and privacy and freedom and liberty. Modern dentistry is a mixed blessing. Great when it works.

I don't even know if I wrote about John going to Japan. As of late before shabbos we hadn't been told definitively if he is going. We have to act as if he is, because it's only a week. He has to get RS's car inspected, lay in grain and hay for the animals for at least three weeks, get me a new phone, figure out how I manage while he's gone all the things I can't do while he is here.

Animals and house repairs are the most worrying things. And, of course, the goats WILL decide to have all of their kids while he is gone. And our postmistress is in hospital (stroke, just came out of a coma, doing better but it's going to be a long haul, so prayers for Alice are appreciated), so we've someone I don't know and most of the family doesn't really like doing the mail. At least it's getting delivered, as a friend of mind in Scotland has just mailed me a package of CHEESE!!!

An English friend of mine, who's lived here for almost fifteen years, told me that she still sends back for the tea. She's gotten used to everything else here, but she can't do without real tea. I feel that way about the cheese, I think. It's a bit harder for me to get cheese than it is for her to get tea, but I really have to have it. Hard cheese. Cheddar.

It's too late, after 1am, and I have another extremely full day tomorrow. I don't know when, if or how these extremely full days will come to an end. Until they do I'm snatching times when I should be asleep or doing something else to write whatever comes out without too much regard for sense or any sort of editing. It's what it is.

I am enjoying life -- at least I can say that. Like I told my dr. o'Chinese medicine, I never wanted easy, I wanted wonderful. I seem to have gotten what I asked for.

I'm listening to Chamudah growling and fussing in the salon (I think)

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