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Honey is Sweet

I'll be moving on - 2010-10-10

I'm grateful for: being able to cope better with things I used to not be able to handle; getting an invitation for MS's son's bar mitzvah - I had thought she hadn't invited us, not a catastrophe but not very friendly; a meeting tonight. I am looking forward to it.

I think this will be my last entry here. Looking for another place still, maybe I'll be on d'land, maybe I'll be elsewhere. One thing I know is I won't stop the writing. It's something that I do. There it is.

The weather cooled of enough that sitting outside on the mirpesset is just a lovely thing to do. I don't have a good seat out there yet - a sofa or a recliner, something that I don't actually have to sit up in. Right now sitting up is a bit tricky for me, I can only do it for short spurts.

So, yesterday, I sat outside for while D3 brushed out and braided my hair, but then had to come in to lie down. TH got a tarp up for a temporary roof - much needed when the rains FINALLY come - assuming they do. It's blue, and if you are just standing at the back door it's as if there were no roof, which makes it a good one for me.

Still no word on if/when TH is leaving for Japan. The boss says that if we don't know by tomorrow, then the trip will be put off a week, so that is good. It allows us a bit more time to prepare hopefully. Also there will be money. A small allowance for me to hire some help. Now all I need is to find someone who can come in to help.

I'm working hard at not freaking out over going to the dentist today. I can't afford to spend two hours on the toilet and I really can't be late. It would ---


I've absolutely no idea what interrupted me there, or what I was going to say. That's life around here. Working on Hebrew with S3, having had some fun with long division. I'd best just post this and get on with the next thing.

I'm listening to S3 singing out the Hebrew letters over and over as he writes them down.

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